Can You Get Credit?

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One thing that has been made very clear to people over the last few years is that taking out credit comes with some risks attached. If you are borrowing either on a credit card or a loan, it really is not advisable to borrow “as much as you can”, when the amount that you can borrow tends to be dictated by the bank or institution from which you borrow it. There is some link between your monthly income and your credit rating, and the amount that the banks will lend to you. However it does not seem to apply in the same way with all banks.

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Most people who have worked in credit control will tell you of an account they saw which showed a customer defaulting on a credit card where their credit limit was pretty huge and their monthly salary was comparatively small. Due to the limitations of the process used to judge some bank’s credit limit provisions sometimes there will be excessive money lent to people who give in to the temptation to spend it even knowing that they cannot afford to pay it back.

Alternatively if you have not shown a good history of paying back credit when you get it, you run the risk of either not getting credit or getting it in woefully short amounts. Depending on your reasons for needing the credit in the first place this may not matter so much – indeed it may be good news – but it is still something to be aware of.

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