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Unsecured Credit – Not Necessarily a Good Idea Unsecured Credit – Not Necessarily a Good Idea

It may seem appealing to have access to unsecured credit. You do not have to provide... 

Building Good Solid Credit Building Good Solid Credit

How to build good credit? This is a common concern – not having strong credit... 

You Do Have a Second Chance You Do Have a Second Chance

It is extremely rare to come upon anyone, who at some point in time or another has... 

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Benefits of Credit Counseling Benefits of Credit Counseling

With the world economy on the down low, more and more individuals are getting into... 

Creating and Implementing a Debt Management Plan Creating and Implementing a Debt Management Plan

A Debt Management Plan is a method that can help an individual reduce his debts... 

Living Free of Debt Living Free of Debt

Dredge Up Ideas to Reduce Your Expenses towards a Debt Free Life  When someone... 

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Personal Finance Advice Personal Finance Advice

Knowing the way to properly manage one’s personal finances is not an ability that people are born with. To acquire the most out of your money, and manage your personal resources in a way that protects your financial safety, it does take a bit of instruction and familiarity with certain concepts. xn-----7kcodbeuflg7a8aiyj7m.xn--p1acf The information in this article is intended to help... [Read more of this article]

Secured Loans Secured Loans

Secured Loans They are among the most common types of loans. In addition they are easy to obtain as long as the borrower has the required collateral. Generally, secured loans are considered to be a much better option as compared to unsecured ones mostly due to the friendlier loan conditions. There are however a few pitfalls that you should beware of. xn----7sbahclcdbybcez1bbdpkwgim2b4a.xn--p1acf Secured... [Read more of this article]

Can You Get Credit? Can You Get Credit?

One thing that has been made very clear to people over the last few years is that taking out credit comes with some risks attached. If you are borrowing either on a credit card or a loan, it really is not advisable to borrow “as much as you can”, when the amount that you can borrow tends to be dictated by the bank or institution from which you borrow... [Read more of this article]

Clever Credit Clever Credit

Let’s face it: Most people feel the need to have things “things” to be happy. There’s nothing wrong with that; even the most frugal people need material possessions in order to survive. It’s not about materialism; it’s about establishing our very identities as individuals in this society. Who wouldn’t want... [Read more of this article]

Banks – Financial Irresponsibility Banks – Financial Irresponsibility

Global financial crisis is a reality that only a few want to face rationally and objectively. It’s very easy and simple to pin the blame for the crisis entirely on the financial sector, or any other organization working within that field. xn----7sbhhcclhcdof9cqbbgitclic0f2l.xn--p1acf However, the main reason why the finances of a lot of countries are performing abysmally cannot be put at the... [Read more of this article]

Learning from Irresponsible Lending, Spending and Borrowing Learning from Irresponsible Lending, Spending and Borrowing

People are looking at all sectors and areas of society to blame for the financial crisis that has caught the world by storm. But while they are looking elsewhere, they forget to see themselves for their Irresponsible Lending, Spending and Borrowing. True enough, all persons can be faulted for this irresponsibility at one point in their lives. Others... [Read more of this article]

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